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Our goal is to regularly host high-quality races that adhere to the standards set by MultiGP, with a minimum of one event per month. We have already attracted a number of highly skilled pilots to our team, including some of the top pilots in the country. Our mission is to make FPV racing more accessible and widely available in India. We believe that by hosting regular events, we can attract new pilots and fans to the sport, and provide opportunities for the existing community to improve.

MakerFaire Hyderabad '23 Whoop race


Time: 17 Dec ‘23 - 4 PM

Venue: T-WORKS, Hyderabad

We invite you to participate in India’s First Whoop Spec Race, Hosted by T-Works, Hyderabad.

  • We will be racing little 1S FPV Whoop drones, that weigh less than 50 grams.
  • Whoops and batteries will be provided. Bringing your own whoops that meet the spec is allowed.
  • Pilots to bring their own analog goggles and ExpressLRS transmitter.

Channel mappping for shared drones

CH1Aileron / Roll
CH2Elevator / Pitch
CH5Arm (1500-2000 ARM)
CH6ANGLE (1000-1500 Acro / 1500-2000 Angle)
CH7Tutrle Mode (1500-2000 active)

Link to register


Whatsapp group



Track path for the race

Thanks to:

  • AnubisRC
  • BetaFPV
  • Whoopmasters India


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